Monday, May 24, 2010

Swimming for beginers

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Swim it!
What I know that You should if you want to learn to swim.

1) Make the water your friend.

Conquer your fear of drowning. Think positively about the fun things you can do while swimming. Enjoy them. Feel the soothing effect.

2) Learn from the expert.

Here the story on how i learned to swim...

It was early 90' visit to my sister's place in The Wales. My sister had swim lesson in one of the ladies pool there. So I'd follow. The Instructor was very Fierce.She thought I was one of her student...Yelled at me to JUMP IN. So... JUMP IN. I guessed the fear of Her overwhelmed my fEAr of drowning. Next thing I knew I was at the the end of the pool. Gasping for Air!. Somehow I managed to climb Out of the pool. I didn't know what had happened, until the Instructor asked me " Where do you learn to Swim like that?" HAHAhaha... my laughter turned into a Realisation! I CAN SWIM!

After that I started my search for an instructor, learned to swim and teached my family to swim.

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